Meet Bronx from The God Queen

Today we are going to talk about Bronx. Darling Bronx.

Bronx was born and raised on the planet Wolf X. He is the product of an affair and his parents never married. He was raised by his father, Patro, until Bronx was sent to the Daer Academy when he was six. He never knew his mother, Siba.

He was shipped to Kepler IV when he was sixteen for his apprenticeship. His mentor was Niklaryn Ettowa. He was joined by his then girlfriend/fellow Daer, Sariah Bray. He witnessed Niklaryn’s demise at the hand of Infiernen and has since suffered from PTSD. He confronted Infiernen – who changed his political affiliation. He was no longer a Daer of the Federation but a Negander of the Dominion. The Negander told him not to interfere. Bronx promised to destroy Infiernen. Bronx is now also a threat to Infiernen. He told Urius – the leader of the Federation – about everything. Urius made Bronx promise not to tell a soul about the details of that day.

Bronx was transferred away from Kepler IV and ended his relationship with Sariah. He continued his apprenticeship with a Daer named Danden Margase. At 18, Bronx received his title as Daer and went home to Wolf X. His father died mysteriously and Bronx was blamed resulting in his being thrown out of the family home. He decided to go to his mother and there met his half-sister Crona and they bond. Bronx accidentally killed her grandfather Captain Uriel Sandern II and was thrown in a mental hospital – Rimac.

Crona got him out after a year and soon after they met Kazimir Ettowa and Manden Walt. They all joined the Federation in the civil war against the opposing political faction – the Dominion. Bronx decided to no longer wear the Daer uniform (although he never officially renounced his title) and studied to become a combat medic.

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