Meet the Other Players of The God Queen

Over the last few months – I have introduced you to the big players of my novel, The God Queen. To begin release week – I thought I would introduce you to a few other important characters you will meet!

Sagitan Bronto

    Sagitan is one of the most sought after Daer Masters in living memory. However, he has been retired for almost decade and has since retreated from public life with his wife and grandson, Arram. No one is sure where he is but it is just as well – most Daer would give up their left arm for a chance at working with him.

Virga Bronto

    Virga is Sagitan’s darling wife and fan favorite. She has always taken pride in being a stay-at-home mom for Arram’s mother as well Arram himself. She is simply a bundle of joy and love. Even though she is the wife of a Daer Master – doesn’t mean she can’t defend herself when necessary. She is a very devout follower of the Volocio religion and always tried to get Arram onboard with the religion, but he has his own misgivings.

Urius Boyard

    Urius was up for reelection when he lost to Anekris Praymer. It’s still a rather sore subject for him, but he is determined to see the Tyre Star Cluster return in its entirety to its former Federation glory. Unfortunately, his methods in obtaining this aren’t always popular – however, having his niece, Bernadette, on his side has done wonders to his public image.


Niklaryn Ettowa

    Niko is still the Federation favorite even though he’s been dead for almost a decade. His effect on people is still felt even after all these years. Unfortunately for Bronx, he still gets questions about the day his mentor died. He doesn’t like it when people bring it up – however, he may be willing to talk to Rei about it.


Sariah Bray

    Sariah is another Daer Knight from Bronx’s past. She was also Skylar’s apprentice. She comes from a very old family, which has helped her rise in ranks among the Knights.


Artema Hessmanster

    Artema is actually another big player in this story but doesn’t get introduced until near the end. She is an artist and singer as well as an old friend of both Bronx and Bernadette. If you want to learn more about her….well, you’re gonna have to read The God Queen!

The God Queen is coming out next week!

I will doing a blog tour as well as a live stream show on my YouTube channel. Before we get started, I want to invite you guys to ask questions you’ve been wanting to know about The God Queen. Comment below and I will answer them on the livestream on Tuesday October 22! I will also announce the winners of my presale giveaway so make sure to tune in!

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