The History of the Tyre Star Cluster

We are now in the release week of The God Queen! We are celebrating with a blog tour! Our first stop is here on Adventures of La Mari and we will be discussing the history of the star cluster that is the home of our heroes in TGQ. If you’re interested, check out the other stops on the release week blog tour!

The name Tyre came from a much older name: The Tears of God. Sometime in the mid 21st century, a nuclear war broke out on Earth leaving much of the planet inhabitable. Scientists finally perfected the Alcubierre-Krasnikov warp drive, thus allowing for high speed space travel. They discovered that the hypothesized “Earth Analog” planets were indeed habitable. The name for this group was deemed by Pope Leo XIII as the tears of God, “A planet for every tear shed by God to save his people.”

Unfortunately, space travel was still expensive and only the richest were able to settle on their first pick of planets: Proxima Centauri II, Wolf X, Ara’nden, and Kepler IV were the most popular. This first wave of humans called themselves the new Patricians or Pats as they felt this new chapter in human history mirrored the Roman Empire with their expansion. These families are still very proud of their heritage and are always quick to point out that their names were among the first. (Bray, Praymer, Boyard, and Sandern are among the list.)

A few generations later, the next wave joined and the Pats were quick to name the new wave Plebeians – or Beians – and for years they were restricted to planets Gliese VI, Trappist V, Koi IV, and Tau Ceti II. Eventually the lines blurred between the Pats and Beians – only the more zealot historians remember the difference.

However, there was a third group still left on Earth. They were the ones who were unable to pay to get off planet at all – so they stayed among the radiation. A small number survived and adapted as the Earth became habitable again. The plan was to move this group to a different planet as the Pats and Beians wanted to make Earth another luxury planet. The group was put onto twelve shuttles but only one made it to the Tear capital on Proxima Centauri II – no one knows what happened to the other ten. The Ettowa family hails from this group.

For generations, each of the planets lived autonomously but eventually were united by the Praymer family and its patriarch – Tynan Praymer – who ruled as the first emperor until the coming of the gods – the Volocio.

Historical documents state that a battle broke out between the god of plants, Manden, and the lightning goddess, Mica, in a desert on Earth. Emperor Tynan arrived and stopped their fighting and helped garner peace between the gods. Mica and Manden were joined together as the God Queen and God King and brought about the age of peace between the gods and the morals. The gods created the holy order of the Daer Knights so that the people of Tyre can feel closer to them. Emperor Tynan then created a new calendar with the beginning of the Volocio Senate.

Year 244 AVS (After Volocio Senate):

Tynan’s descendent Anekris Praymer started a war against the gods and killed half of them: 

  1. Mica, the God Queen
  2. Maximilian, the god of lightning and brother to Mica
  3. Alexia, the goddess of time
  4. Kazimir, the god of illusion
  5. Tasya, the goddess of wind
  6. Atrius, son of the god of death – Cesar

There have been rumors that the six will return but historians are divided on the prophecy: will the reincarnated gods save the star cluster or destroy it?

After Emperor Anekris killed the gods, he was dethroned by the people and Tyre returned to a federation.

Year 2219 AVS:

The Volocio religion rose in popularity once again in the Federation when the son of a member of the Ettowa family was announced to be the reincarnation of Kazimir. Around the same time, the religion of the One True God also surged in popularity.

Later the same year, the federation government met its end with the last election between another Anekris Praymer (the descendent and namesake of the last Praymer emperor) and Urius Boyard. Anekris hitched his wagon to the populist group, the Dominion, while Urius was a favorite of the Federation. Praymer won the presidency of Tyre, dissolved parliament, renamed himself as Sovereign with the Dominion as his empire, and relocated the capital from Madu, Proxima Centauri II to Corincancha, Ara’nden. Tyre has since been fractured between the two political ideologies. Even the Daer Academy splintered – a group began their own Negander Academy with its headquarters on the planet Ara’nden.

Praymer’s first act (although he denies it) was to level the hometown of Urius. The people of the Yticol massacre were never found – although after almost thirty years, there are now people who deny that it even happened.

Since the election there has been a civil war between the two sides of the Tyre Star Cluster – whether it’s on the battlefield or through the ballot box. Wolf X’s civil war was considered one of the bloodiest that year. The planet was the first to return into the fold of the Federation.

Year 2235 AVS:

Kazimir disappeared from the monestary of Sancta Sedes on Wolf X days before he was to take his vows. He has not made a public appearance since.

Kepler IV ended their bloody civil war in favor of the Federation but at a great cost: Federation favorite: Niklaryn Ettowa, Daer Knight, was struck down at the Battle at the Fortress of Riodan. His killer was his best friend, Daer turned Negander, Infiernen Jessar. The only known witness was Niklaryn’s apprentice, Bronx Manca.

Daer Master, Sagitan Bronto, announced his retirement from teaching and retreated from the public spotlight with his wife and grandson.

Year 2238 AVS:

Rumors began to spread that Kazimir had joined the Federation in the civil war. However, he has yet to make a public appearance.

Year 2240 AVS:

Infiernen Jessar’s notoriety peaked when he and his gang – the Infinity Dogs – attacked the Daer Academy. He and the Dogs have been traveling the star cluster wreaking havoc – conveniently mostly Federation planets. There have been accusations that Sovereign Praymer has been the one to command the attacks, but he has denied ever working with the Negander.

Year 2243:

The Dominion have started making plans for the two-thousandth anniversary of the death of the Volocio – claiming Praymer’s ancestor did it to save the star cluster.

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