I Published a Book! What Now?

I just published a book! So now I’m going to just sit back and wait for the money to roll in! WRONG! I am going to list what’s next for me now that The God Queen is out into the world!

What’s coming up for the rest of 2019:

YouTube Channel

I have decided to move my episodes to Mondays in order to work with Blog Posts. I am really excited to only be posting once a week! During my three month presale – I was posting FOUR times a week!!!!

The God Queen

So the novel is out, but that doesn’t mean this has been the last you hear about it. I have plans for this book. Depending on how well it does, I would like to release a hardcover, audiobook, and even start translating….I am a translator for German to English and I have a Spanish degree so I can at least get a skeleton done, but I do have plans to employ more professional editors to help with those as well!

Work on Rebirth Book II

So Rebirth Book 2 has already been plotted and I already have a title planned as well as a cover idea! I mean, I still have to write it, but I am hoping to maybe have it ready for late 2020 or even early 2021! But I can’t make any promises.


I am doing it – I am not aiming for the full 50,000 words. I need a break from launch, but I also need to keep moving – so let’s be realistic.


I usually host Thanksgiving but this year I will be heading to Scandinavia to meet up with my best friend / college roommate for her birthday. I will be heading to either Sweden or Denmark – we are still in the process of nailing that down (if husband comes). If husband comes then we will be meeting Kirsty in Copenhagen, Denmark – cause we will drive there and therefore can take Roxy. If my husband CANNOT go, then I will fly to Stockholm, Sweden. But that means no husband or Roxy but there will be a visit to the ABBA museum. So I think it’s still a win win, right?

Yearly Village Play – The Crazy Campground

I am doing the yearly play again in my village, keep an eye on my Instagram account cause I will be posting photos about it. I really like doing it, because it not only helps my German, but also helps me learn the local dialect better (I live in the region of Hohenlohe and it’s a hard dialect!). I am planning on making a vlog but I do need to talk to the cast and get their permission.

Christmas Market Season

I will visit as many as possible and vlog about them, because logic

My parents are coming to Germany for Christmas

There will definitely be vlogs while they are visiting! So make sure to check out my YouTube Channel! I am so excited!

So that’s just what I have planned for the rest of 2019 – as you can see, I have a lot to do. But 2020 will be bigger than 2019! So let’s end with a bang!

Are you interested in more?

Check out the first four chapters of THE GOD QUEEN

If you know you want to buy THE GOD QUEEN go ahead and BUY IT1

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