How I Formatted The God Queen Using Vellum

Today we’re going to talk about doing your own formatting! This is the bain of most indie author’s existence but it doesn’t have to be with Vellum.

This topic was suggested by iWriterly’s Meg LaTorre who is also just beginning her self-publishing journey and it was a topic she specifically asked for and I am more than happy to oblige.

First I have to note that I am not getting paid for this episode, I am just love Vellum and it’s an investment I am so happy with. Also Vellum was a birthday present from my parents so THANK YOU!

If you want to know how good Vellum is – I only needed to have one proof of The God Queen printed to see that there was only one mistake and it was one that I made!

I had made the margins too small and I quickly realized that I should have kept it at “auto” with Vellum cause Vellum knows what it’s doing! 

However, Vellum is not perfect. While it is rather idiot proof – there are some creative limitations to Vellum that I have figured out how to work around it. 

So let’s format, shall we? I figured the best way to show how to format would be through my YouTube episode. I know, I know it’s probably cheating to just show a video than to write it out, but I am a visual person and I figured this would be the best way to help you guys!

If there is a topic I haven’t covered in the episode – please leave me a comment or questions and I may make another episode to answer those other questions.

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