Hohenlohisch 101

Little known fact about moving to Germany – there are dialects EVERYWHERE! Sure you can speak High German (the official German) all you want, but most Germans who are comfortable with your level will then answer in their local dialect. Don’t despair! For the most part, the dialects still sound a lot like German – it just sounds different.

I live in the region of Hohenlohe – home of a proud group of Germans who are very proud of their dialect. It took me a few years to finally get the hang of it and now I want to pass the fun on to you!

I thought it would be fun to teach you guys a few words just to give you an idea how hilarious and sometimes frustrating learning a dialect can be!

Check out my video where I tell you the Hohenlohisch version of the following words:




Little rascal


To call

My husband

Your wife

To say

Where to

To clean

Can you…?

Let Me Know Your Thoughts....

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