Why the US Doesn’t Want Socialized Healthcare Part 2

With COVID-19 making it’s way across the world – I thought now would be a good time to talk about the differences between the US Healthcare System and the German Healthcare System. 

I know the US Healthcare System is a major topic in this upcoming election – especially over the topic of Medicare for All. I know a lot of Americans are wary of socialized healthcare and today I plan on trying to tackle why Americans may feel that way!

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One thought on “Why the US Doesn’t Want Socialized Healthcare Part 2

  1. I disagree with your comment about “Americans not caring about others”
    I came to live in the USA more than 35 years ago, Americans are the most noble, giving, un-selfish, and compassionate people I have ever met.
    I come from a culture that only gives away what it is left over. Volunteer time was only for the rich, you do not volunteer if you do not receive money.
    The US taught me that you GIVE! whether is your time or money, every body gives.
    In a disaster (tornado, hurricane, float, etc.) whether it is in the USA or around the world, the people of the USA are the ones who donate, donate, donate.

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