American vs German Politics

Today we’re going to talk about politics – more specifically US politics – more MORE specifically tomorrow’s election day between current president Donald J Trump vs former vice-president Joe Biden. As an American living in Germany – I have been asked a lot of the same questions over the last four years by my fellow Deutsche in regards to the current guy in the White House, how our election system works, and why so much discord between Americans. Honestly, it has been a very exhausting four years because I am practically the only American in my immediate vicinity and there are A LOT of inquisitive Germans and I have had to repeat myself A LOT. I thought I would at least touch on those questions and topics as we get ready for tomorrow. But I have to also state that I am only one American, I do not speak for the other 327.2 million living INSIDE the States or the over 9 million living OUTSIDE. These are just my observations and what I have gleaned from friends and family who I can actually talk politics with.


Mitch McConnell:

1876 US Presidential Election:

1888 US Presidential Election:

2000 US Presidential Election:

2016 US Presidential Election:

German Political Parties:

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