Dark: My Favorite German Science Fiction

On today’s episode of Adventures of La Mari we are going to talk about the German science fiction series Dark. It is one of my favorite series and, in my opinion, one of the best examples of science fiction. I know the last season premiered back in June of last year so I missed the wave of talking about it then….but gosh darn it, I want to talk about it now!

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2 thoughts on “Dark: My Favorite German Science Fiction

  1. My bestie and I love Dark. We’re both about C1 in German but decided to watch Dark in English just because the plot line is so complicated. I kind of wanted to find a flow chart for the show at some points. It’s so cool how every little detail is interwoven.

    1. There are wikipedia articles (think it’s wikipedia) where you can find the family trees based on the season you’re watching. We found it really helpful!

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