Abner and the Glacial Valley

So……back in August (of last year….coughcough)…..T, Abner, and I met up with some friends and went on a hike.  Who were these friends? Another American lady by the name of Dani, her husband Jojo, and their dog Nala.  I met Dani through work (we were the 2, of I believe 3, Americans at our the … Continue reading Abner and the Glacial Valley

Music Videos

So one of the most fun aspects of this blog is the stream of music videos starring everyone’s favorite pug, Abner. So without further ado: Abner and the Tower Song: Home Artist: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes Location: Überlingen, Germany Abner and the Glacial Valley Song: Mykonos Artist: Fleet Foxes Location: Eistobel, Germany   … Continue reading Music Videos