Bringing Your Dog to Germany…

Moving your Dog to Germany is doable, but requires some organization. I have written tons of posts about the subject, so I thought I would post them here.

First there was my “Moving to Germany” series, where I wrote a post a day leading up to my move. Here I documented most of the information I needed in bringing Abner to Deutschland.

Moving to Germany: T-81 Days – Abner

Moving to Germany: T-58 Days – Flying with Your Pooch

Moving to Germany: T-52 Days – Sherpas

Moving to Germany: T-4 Days – Getting a Dog Bed out of Customs

Moving to Germany: T-3 Days – Abner Gets his Xanax

The Moment of Truth

I also added a few posts about other useful information pertaining to having your dog in a foreign land…

How to Photograph Your Pet

10 Things to Do with Your Pug in Germany

My Pug Survived a European Summer – and Yours Can, too!

Hope you find them useful!