Music Videos

So one of the most fun aspects of this blog is the stream of music videos starring everyone’s favorite pug, Abner. So without further ado:

Abner and the Tower

Song: Home

Artist: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

Location: Überlingen, Germany

Abner and the Glacial Valley

Song: Mykonos

Artist: Fleet Foxes

Location: Eistobel, Germany


Abner and the Five Lakes

Song: Hold On

Artist: Sons of the East

Location: Pizol, Switzerland


Abner and Lake Constance

Song: Your Rocky Spine

Artist: Great Lake Swimmers

Location: Ueberlingen, Germany


Abner and Reggae

Song: Who Knows

Artist: Protoje feat. Chronixx

Location: Wulf, Germany


Abner and Rosebud

Song: If I Live or If I Die

Artist: Cuff the Duke

Location: Davos, Switzerland