Abner and the Tower

So I have been on a roll recently in making Abner music videos.  About a week after our trip on the Eistobel, we took Abner on another hike around Überlingen.  According to T's research, there was a tower (called Hohenbodman) hidden in the hills around our town with a lovely view of the area.  Naturally … Continue reading Abner and the Tower


Abner and the Glacial Valley

So......back in August (of last year....coughcough).....T, Abner, and I met up with some friends and went on a hike.  Who were these friends? Another American lady by the name of Dani, her husband Jojo, and their dog Nala.  I met Dani through work (we were the 2, of I believe 3, Americans at our the … Continue reading Abner and the Glacial Valley

Narri! Narro!

So now begins the Carnaval season.  You may remember from an earlier post from last year about the history of Carnaval in Germany - if not, then click this link. A few weekends ago,we had some friends from T’s hometown come and visit us. The gentleman is an old coworker of T’s while the lady … Continue reading Narri! Narro!

How to Wear a Dirndl

Well, I am back in Germany and trying to get back in the swing of things so I figured that I would take this week to talk about my awesome Dirndl that I bought back during my little trip to Eichstätt with Nicola. Dirndls were originally more traditional daywear in Austria, Bavaria, and Switzerland as … Continue reading How to Wear a Dirndl