Abner and the Tower

So I have been on a roll recently in making Abner music videos.  About a week after our trip on the Eistobel, we took Abner on another hike around Überlingen.  According to T's research, there was a tower (called Hohenbodman) hidden in the hills around our town with a lovely view of the area.  Naturally [...]


Abner and the Glacial Valley

So......back in August (of last year....coughcough).....T, Abner, and I met up with some friends and went on a hike.  Who were these friends? Another American lady by the name of Dani, her husband Jojo, and their dog Nala.  I met Dani through work (we were the 2, of I believe 3, Americans at our the [...]

Narri! Narro!

So now begins the Carnaval season.  You may remember from an earlier post from last year about the history of Carnaval in Germany - if not, then click this link. A few weekends ago,we had some friends from T’s hometown come and visit us. The gentleman is an old coworker of T’s while the lady [...]

How to Wear a Dirndl

Well, I am back in Germany and trying to get back in the swing of things so I figured that I would take this week to talk about my awesome Dirndl that I bought back during my little trip to Eichstätt with Nicola. Dirndls were originally more traditional daywear in Austria, Bavaria, and Switzerland as [...]