Death and Taxes

“‘Tis impossible to be sure of anything but Death and Taxes.” Christopher Bullock, The Cobbler of Preston (1716) So where am I in the whole self-publishing process? Well, it’s going to sound weird, but as an author (and especially as an expat) - it’s important: Taxes More the question: where am I going to pay … Continue reading Death and Taxes


Where to find Beta Reader

So you've toiled for days, weeks, months, perhaps even years and finally you have a manuscript. Does this mean that you can go ahead and query agents or load it on Amazon to publish? Eh....I mean, you can......but let's not. First you should get a few more eyes to look at it. You need Beta readers. … Continue reading Where to find Beta Reader

Old Blog, New Look!

Ok, so many of you have noticed that the website had been looking a little different over the last few days. I get a little antsy every six months or so and want to change the look of the site. So this time, I didn’t just make little changes, I finally finished one of my … Continue reading Old Blog, New Look!

The Old Gods and the New…

After all our years together, I have finally convinced T to try watching Game of Thrones with me. I have been a big fan of George R. R. Martin’s epic epic (that’s right, epic x 2) long before the show began.  I would get together with friends over dinner simply to discuss theories and overall … Continue reading The Old Gods and the New…