Romanticizing What Our Culture Didn’t Have

Recently, I went Oktoberfest in Konstanz with T. We considered it as a kind of a pre gaming for Oide Wiesn in Munich with other friends in the coming weekend. It was a small affair and quite a decent turnout (though smaller than we expected, but it was a Sunday afternoon and I assume people … Continue reading Romanticizing What Our Culture Didn’t Have


Old Oktoberfest? Count Me In.

This last weekend, T, M, Nicola, and I went to Munich for the ever famous and popular Oktoberfest. The conversation started because Nicola had always wanted to see the Oide Wiesn. What the hell is that, you ask? Here in Germany, the more frequent name for Oktoberfest is Wiesn, which comes from the word wiese … Continue reading Old Oktoberfest? Count Me In.


Wow....sorry folks for going MIA there.  It has been a rather exhausting two months.  I kept meaning to post and write things, but the days keep getting away from me and I just have sooooo many projects at home (and at work) that I am trying to juggle. Phew! But I am still here! Still … Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…..

Nerds Anonymous

Hello, my name is La Mari….and I am a nerd. I am sure you have figured this out a good while ago…..for those of you just tuning in - surprise! Last weekend, T and I went to our yearly Brettheimer Fasching (we will also be going again this coming weekend to stay tuned!).  T looks … Continue reading Nerds Anonymous