The Old Gods and the New…

After all our years together, I have finally convinced T to try watching Game of Thrones with me. I have been a big fan of George R. R. Martin’s epic epic (that’s right, epic x 2) long before the show began.  I would get together with friends over dinner simply to discuss theories and overall … Continue reading The Old Gods and the New…


Almanya: Welcome to Germany

An aspect of German culture that I have found to be really fascinating is the integration of Turkish culture in Germany. You see, back in the 60s/70s, the Turks were invited to come to Germany in order to help fill the workforce (this invitation was also extended to the Italians but today we are focusing … Continue reading Almanya: Welcome to Germany

TIL – More Than Just Today I Learned….

So working off of Ami of Schwabenland’s post on Bully, Der Schuh des Manitu, as well as bringing some levity after last week’s post – I thought I would add another well-known German actor/director who’s a household name in the Land of Beer and Pretzels: Til Schweiger. Ami mentioned (using Der Schuh des Manitu as … Continue reading TIL – More Than Just Today I Learned….

And For Something Completely Different….Again

Today I want to take a minute to talk about Michael “Bully” Herbig.  He is a household name here in Germany but to those who are unaware of his existence: let me explain. Bully began making a name for himself back in 1997 with his late night TV show Bullyparade (1997 – 2002).  His style … Continue reading And For Something Completely Different….Again