Queenstown and Adrenaline Junkies

First a little shameless plug this week: I have been invited to be the curator for the twitter handle: @I_amGermany. Every week, a German native or German resident takes over and gives the followers a little taste of their life in Germany. It's really cool! You should follow it anyway (I'm saying this even if … Continue reading Queenstown and Adrenaline Junkies


Do Not Feed the F*%$ing Kea

This is another topic I have been looking forward to talking about: New Zealand wildlife. New Zealand has no natural predators....they mostly have birds - lots and lots of birds. So this post for all you birdwatchers out there! Most will just be a little gallery of what we saw but I do have some … Continue reading Do Not Feed the F*%$ing Kea

The Misnomer that is Milford Sound…

Finally, Milford Sound! Every little corner of New Zealand has been magical, but Milford Sound is literally another world. There is only one road to and from Milford Sound (the 94) and the last real sign of civilization (where you can stock up on groceries before heading up) is in Te Anau. We stayed in … Continue reading The Misnomer that is Milford Sound…

*Sigh* Wanaka….

I love Wanaka. There. I said it. It's such a quaint little town in New Zealand and it reminded me of Bloomington, Indiana (where I studied). And it reminded me in a good way. We arrived rather late in the afternoon (since we wanted to do a little exploring around Mt. Cook before heading here). … Continue reading *Sigh* Wanaka….