Start Here….


This blog was orignally started back in 2011 as I was attempting my first solo trip to the U.K.  I wanted a way for my family to know what I was up to, if only to make them feel better about the fact that I was all by myself acrossed the ocean.  That story began here.

Then I went into radio silence until 2014 when I was offered a position in Ravensburg, Germany.  I was moving there to join my boyfriend (who hailed from the Land of Beer and Pretzels).  I am a very family-centric person who wanted to make sure that they had a way to keep an eye on me still as I began my new life. It all started with a count down to my iminent departure.

Since then this blog has been my sound board to discuss moving to another country, adapting to a new culture, as well as talking about my adventrues with the boyfriend, or the dog, or both as I try to cure my wanderlust. Which won’t happen so I will just keep traveling.

So please look around and enjoy the view!

La Mari