Dat Ass Tho…

And I. Am. Back! The last few months have been rather crazy. I was in the States visiting family and introducing one our nephews to the awesomeness that is the US. Then I came back and finished my last week at my job - I will definitely be writing about the ins and outs of … Continue reading Dat Ass Tho…


*Sigh* Wanaka….

I love Wanaka. There. I said it. It's such a quaint little town in New Zealand and it reminded me of Bloomington, Indiana (where I studied). And it reminded me in a good way. We arrived rather late in the afternoon (since we wanted to do a little exploring around Mt. Cook before heading here). … Continue reading *Sigh* Wanaka….

Driving around the Riddermark

What business does an Elf, Man, and Dwarf have in the Riddermark? -Èomer, The Two Towers One of the coolest sets from The Two Towers was the city of Edoras - home of the Rohirrim. Peter Jackson definitely has the eye when it came to picking out locations for filming. Mt. Sunday is hella remote … Continue reading Driving around the Riddermark

It Takes a Village to Properly Party….

A few weeks ago, I went with T to the village of Eberbach.  Apparently every two years, the entire village turns into a great big music festival.  36 bands on five stages in three days? Yes. It’s kind of a big deal. Eberbach is not very large, but every two years it is packed to … Continue reading It Takes a Village to Properly Party….