Dat Ass Tho…

And I. Am. Back! The last few months have been rather crazy. I was in the States visiting family and introducing one our nephews to the awesomeness that is the US. Then I came back and finished my last week at my job - I will definitely be writing about the ins and outs of … Continue reading Dat Ass Tho…


Sunshine Blogger Award

So I was going to write about the Blue Penguins of Akaroa....but I was nominated for this award and I thought to take a break from our regularly scheduled New Zealand filled post to write something light. Thanks to my fellow American expat: Ami im Schwabenland, after enjoying reading hers and her then nominating me....I … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

Moving to Germany: T-23 Days – Liebster Award

So awhile back, I was nominated for a Liebster Award. This is very fitting because the word Liebster in German means dearest. This award is passed around the blogging community as a sort of chain letter. These sorts of posts are important because it allows the blogger to be seen in the blogging community (as … Continue reading Moving to Germany: T-23 Days – Liebster Award