The Goddaughter Came to Visit

Ok, so to most of my family - this is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper old news, but to the rest of you…. My Goddaughter came to visit for a few weeks as she was heading for her semester abroad in South Africa. I say goddaughter and most people look at us and wonder how the hell the age … Continue reading The Goddaughter Came to Visit


New Zealand – One Year Later…

So it occurred to me that a year ago yesterday was the one year anniversary of us arriving in New Zealand for our four week honeymoon. I still dream about my time there - it truly is the most magical place in the world. In celebration, I thought I would bring back some of my … Continue reading New Zealand – One Year Later…


Wow....sorry folks for going MIA there.  It has been a rather exhausting two months.  I kept meaning to post and write things, but the days keep getting away from me and I just have sooooo many projects at home (and at work) that I am trying to juggle. Phew! But I am still here! Still … Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…..

Best Places to Eat in Indianapolis

So I decided that I would write a little about some of places that I have eaten while I was home for the holidays.   When I was a kid - I wasn’t a good eater.  I ate, I was - at times - annoyingly picky, but my greatest fail was that I couldn’t stop talking … Continue reading Best Places to Eat in Indianapolis