10 Ways to Help Your Friendly, Neighborhood Author

Writing is a very lonely passion. You can spend a year or twenty writing something, laying your soul bare for the publish to see, and then you decide to get it published (whether you go the traditional or self route is entirely up to you). You tell your friends and your family all about your … Continue reading 10 Ways to Help Your Friendly, Neighborhood Author


To Jeff

I learned last night that a dear friend from my IU days had passed.  I was and am still at a loss, but I feel myself needing to celebrate him through words. I say this because his passing was not only my loss but the world’s, for he was a truly remarkable human being. I … Continue reading To Jeff

Shopping Done Right – Milan Edition

First I have to apologize – my camera was on for God knows how long and was dead by the time we arrived in Milan, so all my photos were taken through my phone… But, ah, Milan. A Mecca for high fashion and it’s a mere 5 hours from where I live. I had heard … Continue reading Shopping Done Right – Milan Edition

A Trip Down Memory Lane…..with Tapas!!

The weekend of my birthday was quite the event.  Not only was it a celebration of my 29th year but it was also the same day as my twin's wedding. Wait, what? Ok, so I don't actually have a twin.  My friend Lizzy and I have been friends for ages. When I was twelve and … Continue reading A Trip Down Memory Lane…..with Tapas!!