India Author Interview: Laura Weber

Today we are going to talk with Indie Author Laura Weber, author of Goddesses Don’t Wear Orange. This lovely Pennsylvanian is an absolute darling and I hope she can cross seeing a teacup pig in a raincoat off her list! Writing Related: 1. When did you know writing was what you wanted to do? As … Continue reading India Author Interview: Laura Weber


10 Ways to Help Your Friendly, Neighborhood Author

Writing is a very lonely passion. You can spend a year or twenty writing something, laying your soul bare for the publish to see, and then you decide to get it published (whether you go the traditional or self route is entirely up to you). You tell your friends and your family all about your … Continue reading 10 Ways to Help Your Friendly, Neighborhood Author

Prologue: Pre-U.K. Trip

Since I first mentioned that I was going on this trip, I was asked the same question: why? I will answer that question with two stories... Last August one of my mom's best friends from Peru (who lives in Luxembourg) came to Chicago with her sister and three kids. The eldest of these three children … Continue reading Prologue: Pre-U.K. Trip