The (Wo)man Behind the Curtain

I know, I know. I said I would keep writing. Four months without a job caused my work ethic to literally spiral out of control. Honestly, there wasn’t much going on in my life in the country worth writing about besides reading and binge watching Netlifx Not that I’m complaining. I needed … Continue reading The (Wo)man Behind the Curtain


So How’s the Job?

Honestly, my work is great.  I work with a wonderful group of women.  They work very hard and always do their best.  From the minute I walked into the lab my first day, I was greeted warmly.   They all get along very well and try to do things together.  As you may have seen … Continue reading So How’s the Job?

A Week of Firsts

So I have survived my first week of work.  I have also been going through other 'firsts' in the meantime.  I went through my 'Welcome Days" where I sat through a bunch of trainings I have already gone through (just the English versions) or they were the trainings I used to give (again, the English … Continue reading A Week of Firsts

Moving to Germany: T-82 Days – Support Groups

Moving to another country is terrifying. My mom did it. Her friends did it. A lot of them are doing it for the same reason I am: love. While that is a force powerful enough to motivate people jump ship from their native home land to the test the water of other cultures…..there is a … Continue reading Moving to Germany: T-82 Days – Support Groups