Narri! Narro!

So now begins the Carnaval season.  You may remember from an earlier post from last year about the history of Carnaval in Germany - if not, then click this link. A few weekends ago,we had some friends from T’s hometown come and visit us. The gentleman is an old coworker of T’s while the lady … Continue reading Narri! Narro!


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, I don’t mean Christmas.  Though, I did get the go ahead from the work and I will be able to come home for both Christmas and New Years.  But more on that later! I mean festival season.  Back home, the Indiana State Fair should be nearing it’s end but here the towns are just … Continue reading It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Lake Constance Day

In this photo - you see what we had planned for the day and I will tell you right now, this did not happen. And that’s ok.  You see, the 1st lesson in playing tour guide for 19 people: don’t try to to have exact timelines.  T and I learned that our entire timeline was … Continue reading Lake Constance Day

My 5 Favorite Christmas Markets

If you read other blogs by English speakers living in Germany - then you have most likely been reading about German Christmas Markets.  If you have ever been to one, you would understand why we talk about it so much.  It's such a magical time to live in Germany - I think we write so … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Christmas Markets