Romanticizing What Our Culture Didn’t Have

Recently, I went Oktoberfest in Konstanz with T. We considered it as a kind of a pre gaming for Oide Wiesn in Munich with other friends in the coming weekend. It was a small affair and quite a decent turnout (though smaller than we expected, but it was a Sunday afternoon and I assume people [...]


Old Oktoberfest? Count Me In.

This last weekend, T, M, Nicola, and I went to Munich for the ever famous and popular Oktoberfest. The conversation started because Nicola had always wanted to see the Oide Wiesn. What the hell is that, you ask? Here in Germany, the more frequent name for Oktoberfest is Wiesn, which comes from the word wiese [...]

Election Day in Germany

This last Sunday was the Big Vote in the Germany (take note, Americans: election day happens on a weekend, when EVERYONE can partake! They had 76% voter turnout - compared to our 55%). The day marked whether our Tante Angie (Aunt Angie - Angela Merkel) would be reelected or if her position would go to [...]

Hold Me Closer, Beta Reader…

Not sure if tying an Elton John song to this post was necessary, but I felt like it. Anyway, for the five of you already in the know: I’m currently going through my Beta Reader phase with my novel. For the rest of you: what the what? When writing, it is imperative that you have [...]