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About La Mari

I’m a writer…

And these are my tales…

I first created this blog as a way to communicate to friends and family back home about my travels to the United Kingdom back in 2011.  As of June of 2014, I moved to Germany with my pug Abner to start a new life and new job with my (at the time) German boyfriend, T.

The name “La Mari” comes from my Peruvian side of the family.  Whenever people would talk about me, they would always refer to me as La Mari.

I know my friends and family will miss me here in the States so I decided to revive this blog as a way to allow them to follow me on my journey of preparing for the move as well as the move itself.

Recently, I have been further dabbling in my lettering skills as a way to make my mark in the writing community with my Lettering and Literature series. I also talk about my current journey to self publish  my space opera: The God Queen due out Fall 2019.

Everyone is welcome.  I hope everyone can use this blog to learn from my experiences in traveling alone, moving to a foreign country for love or just adventures as a writer.

Read on!

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Adventures of Abner

So the second half of this dynamic duo is my little pug – Abner.

I bought Abner in 2009, a few months after I graduated from Indiana University.

 When I decided to move to Germany, I knew Abner would also come with me.  There was no question in my mind.  Actually the process of bringing him to Germany was very easy (Thank God!).

Over the last year he has become quite the little model. So you can also follow his adventures in this new land!


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My Favorite Adventures


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World Map

I guess you are wondering where all have I traveled.  I decided to come up with a relatively interactive map.  Hopefully it will keep growing! Click on the map below to see where I have traveled to.

Thanks Google Maps!