Moving to Germany: T-68 Days – Death and Taxes

Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

-Benjamin Franklin

I just did my taxes this weekend.  Ugh.  I will admit that the Illinois is SO  much easier than the Indiana taxes.

This seems like an odd post, I know.  But the reason why I brought this up is simply because it is something I have to think about as an American moving to another country.

Because I am an American living abroad, the wonderful American government makes it a requirement that I still fill out my taxes.  This means that I will have to fill out both American and German taxes.  If you’re not careful the US of A will try to take more taxes out of you but there are exceptions to protect whatever money I will have left after my German taxes.

A little side note to the Americans out there: German taxes are considerably higher than the US.  So whenever you complain about it, just remember that there are other countries who pay more. *steps off soap box*

Anyway, one of the exceptions that will help me is that I must stay out of the US for a mimimum of 330 out of 365 days.  I can also use my German taxes as a credit towards my American ones.  It’s as if I am telling Uncle Sam, “I am already paying taxes, please leave me be.”

When moving to another country, even if it’s just for a year, you need to keep this in mind as an American.  Do your research.

What about you other Americans abroad? What are your experiences with American taxes abroad.  Or for the non-Americans who are currently paying their dues to Uncle Sam?

Let Me Know Your Thoughts....

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