Nobody Does It Like Me…..

This last weekend was the first weekend of Carnival (or Fasching as it is called in my little corner of Germany).  Since T is the Vice President of the Sports Club from his hometown, this meant that we would spend this (and next) weekend there for the annual Brettheimer Fasching.  In the States, we are well aware of Mardi Gras which happens just before Lent – but many other countries in the world take it several steps further and extend the festivities by at least a weekend and half.  The area I live has a huge tradition of special costumes and Guggen musik.  Hopefully I will catch some in the next coming days and share them with you….but for now you will have to take a little trip with me down memory lane.

Just like Halloween, I thoroughly enjoy figuring out my costume for my night of debauchery but here I get TWO (yes 2) weekends to do it! How awesome is that?

This last weekend, I made a goal of wearing my old show choir dress.


Here’s an old and very pixelated photo of me at 18 years old. That was the last time I wore that dress.  I went to college and gained my freshman fifteen.  I struggled with my weight for years and when I moved to Germany, I gained another ten pounds.  Now with the wedding coming up, the pressure was on me now more than ever to try to look my best. (Cause let’s face it – I am sooooooo vain).

So how did it all turn out?

IMG_1883 IMG_1881

So far I have lost 19 pounds.  Not quite high school weight but I am damn proud 😀

By the way, for those interested in the difference 19 pounds make – here’s a photo from my civil wedding compared to the time this post was written (last evening):


By the way, yes, T also went as a “show choir” kid.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find his attire in green so we had to make do.  This year, I also volunteered to help out in the “upstairs bar.” Last year was hard because most of friends were working, including T, leaving me to my own devices so this time I made a change.  Overall, this year was a blast! I can’t wait to show you guys what our costumes will be for next weekend (it will be a hilarious surprise I promise!).

Caught eating on the job....
Caught eating on the job….
Live Bands!
Live Bands!

Great ready for next week! In the mean time – here’s a photo of Abner inspecting the bar and getting ready with his own costume (unfortunately he couldn’t come with this year….perhaps next year?)

IMG_1872 IMG_1879

One thought on “Nobody Does It Like Me…..

  1. Looking great, dear! You’re inspiring me to get to work on the rest of this baby weight (and the vanity weight…I was about 5 pounds heavier than I wanted to be when I first got preggers, lol)!

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