Bier Gardens and Hikes

It was a very busy Sunday (mostly for lil Abner).  First we started out at a Bier Garten with the Schumann family:

Bier Garten Bier Garten2 Schumann Family

It was in the valley of Rothenburg ob der Tauber:

RothenburgAt the bottom of the valley is the mighty river Tauber:

Abner with Bastion2 Abner with Papi2

Abner enjoyed himself:


Abner getting fed by Bastion
Abner getting fed by Bastion

Afterwards we all decided to go for a walk along the river:

Walk3 Walk2 Walk

Thorsten and his brother found a log a crossed the river and Abner wanted to join:

Abner Wants to PlayHe finally got to:

Abner with PapiAfterwards we went to this beautiful little place for a cafe:

Cafe5 Cafe4 Cafe3 Cafe2 Cafe mmmmmmm CakeAbner got to sit in the shade before prompty passing out:

Good Dog Tired Dog

It was a great Sunday and I hope for more days like this!!!!

Until Friday! My Birthday!




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