The Topic of Homesickness….

I know what some of you are wondering……do I miss home? I know I have talked about some of the more surface aspects of home that I miss.  But what about family? Friends? The cat?
My first baby, Michi
My first baby, Michi

I do.  It’s a natural feeling from anyone who is away from home.

But, as my mom told me before I left (and who went through the same thing when she left Peru to come to the US), ‘you’ll be so busy with your new life that it makes missing home easier.’  And she’s right.  I don’t regret coming here.  I know it’s not even three months, but I am happy and feel like I am where I need to be in my life.  I am very busy with this new life and enjoying every minute of it.

Unfortunately, homesickness is a part of life and comes whether you like it or not.  It also doesn’t matter how long you have been away from home.  My mother, who has lived in the States for over 30 years can attest to this fact.

I found this great quote by Liv Hambrett, an Australian blogger living in Germany, who wrote about the inopportune timing of homesickess:

*It also strikes at inopportune times, its little tentacles tightening their grip during moments in which it knows you don’t have the luxury of bursting into irrational tears in private. Like, for example, at dinner parties, or someone’s birthday celebration. When everybody else around you is in fine form, revelling in good cheer, laughing uproariously because they are surrounded by loved ones, yourself included, you sit there like a dolt, eyes glazed, blinking furiously and trying not to think about how much that person laughs like your Mum.*

It can also be the weirdest thing that will set off your homesickness.  Once at an outdoor party, I saw the faintest flicker of a lone firefly.  Germany doesn’t have the warm and humid nights like back in the Midwest so the sight of this little bug in the cooler night reminded me of catching them in the back yard.

Yeah, I missed that.

I talked to a fellow ex-pat later.  His name is Andre and he’s from Tobago and has been living in Germany for six years.  When I told him about feeling homesick, he immediately responded with “It doesn’t go away.”

He’s right.  It won’t go away.  But you do learn how to manage it and it will get easier.

It’s also not a bad thing to be homesick.  Not only is it a natural feeling, but it also reminds you that you had great things back home.  Life was good there and you should only remember the good things.  You also need to be reminded of it because you should never forget where you came from.  It made you who you are.
So I will end this post by announcing that I have already bought my ticket home for Thanksgiving this year.  I will only be home for a few days and some of those days will be dedicated to going through the epic aftermath of my move from Chicago to Germany (what I didn’t take with me or donate went to my parent’s house…..).  But I do hope to see whoever I can!!!!
You all can start counting down the days for me!

Until Friday!

5 thoughts on “The Topic of Homesickness….

  1. This is always such an interesting topic to me. I wonder if having moved so frequently as a kid made this very different for me? I miss people, but I don’t seem to miss places. I miss my mom, but I really won’t be bothered if I never see her house again. I loved Bloomington, but I love all the new places I see now, so I never see Bloomington again, I think my mental reaction is “eh?”

    But I miss your face terribly!! And your music, and your goofy dog’s grunts, and your decor in your personal space (thinking Rose House and your apartment). :’)

    Much love and very glad you are happy with your new home though. 😀

    1. I feel the same way. I do miss Bloomington but I miss what was there when we were all there together. It won’t be the same if I were to go back so it’s ‘meh’ for me, too.

      I miss you, too!!!! Hopefully we will see each other soon! Oh by the way, you can get a direct flight from IAD to Zurich *hint hint*

  2. I am glad for you and for your parents that you are so happy and have also found a loving family there…and as your mom would say: “muauuu”.

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