Where Do We Go From Here….

Well, this weekend ended up being a culmination of a lot of little events that will appear in several posts in the near future…..

Which ones? Let’s name them off!

1. I bought a ski outfit because….I will be going skiing for the first time after Christmas

2014_12_ 8_20_ 0

I guess we will all be in for some crazy misadventures…….


2. Tis the season for Christmas Markets!

DSC00487 DSC00482

oh yes and our favorite Nicola joined us…..but this was just the beginning of the Christmas Markets for these season…..

.3. More pictures of Abner


because: logic

4. Babies!!

I just wanted to give the news that we have two new little Schumanns in the world: David and Leon.  They are the twin little munchkins to Thorsten’s brother, Martin and his lady-love Marion.  With the welcoming of these little ones as well as the news of a member of the Fellowship also being pregnant! (take a guess at who it is!), it made me wonder about the differences between having a child in the States versus in Germany.  Based on initial findings – you will be shocked!!!!

5. More Food Porn!


What the hell is this and how do you get it in your belly? Stay tuned to find out!!!!

Anyway, keep an on eye out on this blog – there are still more adventures to come!!!

Bis Mittwoch!

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